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Have Clients Authentically Enrolled - Done For You - saving you time and making you money!

Risk Free!

Learn how we can 2x, 3x even 10x your profit with zero risk. This can happen in your business today. Authentic Entrollment - Done For You!

Luke Adams

Are You A Coach, Consultant, Influencer or Company That Sells a High-Ticket Product or Service?

Our Zero Risk Service Can Double, Treble or Quadruple Your Business!

Whether you want us to enrol your potential customers for you, or you want us to empower you with the knowledge to authentically enrol your own leads at the optimum level, we can help you grow your business, increase your cashflow and get your product or service in the hands of more customers than you thought ever possible.

The Problem

Only 3% of people in your targeted sales funnel are currently looking to buy from you. With up to a further 7% open to buying from you, but not actually looking.

What This Means

You're leaving over 90% of business on the table. Yes, 90% of people that have shown some kind of interest in your product or service, weren't convinced to buy and therefore disappear into the sunset!

The Solution

Rather than continuously trying to convince people your the best thing since sliced bread, with more and more leads going to waste, let us take that problem away with the most profound methods in selling available - done for you!


This is 100% risk free. No enrollment, No fee.

*Set up fee required - with guarantee in place

Stop Selling and Start Solving

Authentic Enrollment Method

The High-Performance Closing technique is built on over 30 years of sales education and experience, then specifically crafted for high-value service providers who want more high-ticket clients – those that pay $1000-$100,000+ for each of your offers.

With an extensive career in sales and marketing, the methods have cumulated and cultivated from a wide variety of sales skills that have been ascertained working with some of the greatest sales and business minds out there. The development of this knowledge has now become one of the most profound processes to help any business close more sales. Utilising a powerful consultative approach, we SOLVE the problem of the buyer and match their need with your offering on a tactical, strategic and emotional level.

Let us authentically enroll more customers for you!

& Help You Make a Difference in the World

If you sell a solution that satisfies a need that is greater than the price, then we will ensure your offer gets into the hands of the desirer.


Do you want to make a difference with more people, whilst earning more? How? Let us do it for you!

Phase one: Authentic Enrollment - Done for You- We will be your go-to team, where we will help you get your offer in the hands of more people so you can make a bigger difference in the world, whilst earning more. By providing consistent results you will double, triple, or even quadruple your sales, without you ever having to speak to your prospects.

Having us as your “go-to” sales closer team, will dramatically improve your bottom line and get your program or service in the hands of more people, thus making a bigger impact.

Phase two: Scaling - Proof delivered, customers are coming on board and now you want to scale. We can train your team to become masters at authentic enrolment or you can utilise more of our high performance team to work with more leads, enrol more customers and scale your business quickly.

Which ever phase you are in or chose, this will be one of the most impactful business decisions that you will have ever made.


Your Expert

Master of Sales & Marketing - Adviser & Strategist!

"Closing", whilst I don't particularly like the term, is the most profitable skill I’ve ever learned. Every serious entrepreneur must understand it's principles if they want to reach their most audacious goals.


High Performance Enrolment Master

With over 30 years in sales and marketing, I have helped businesses all over the world achieve greater sales results, with a particular focus on lead generation, negotiation and authentically closing the sale.

Being dyslexic and a natural introvert, (INTJ), on face value it wouldn’t seem that I was destined to become a master in selling, however, with my appetite and determination to succeed, it drove me to learn the art of influence which without a doubt has become my real passion. I use a methodology called Authentic Sales Method, which uses consultative diagnosis approach that I developed over 15 years. After consuming and studying; buyers, salesmen (and women), closers, buying triggers, processes, marketing, sales engagement, negotiation and conversion, I wanted to succeed in sales without the need to be an "in-your-face" salesman. In fact, it's quite the opposite, I solve not sell. Dare I say it, I am often referred to as a leading expert in the opening, negotiating and of course, closing sales, but the proof is in the pudding and that's why my company only operate on a performance-based fee.

Luke Adams
Luke Adams
Luke Adams
Luke Adams

Want us to churn sales from lost deals? We can even take the 90% of your dead leads and turn some into happy customers.

If we only converted 10% of these dead leads we will double your revenue AND PROFIT.

*This service is fee based!